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Visual Studio 2008 short cuts

I know there are many posts dedicated to this topic. For example, Sara Ford posted about 290 shortcuts on her blog. Check Zain Naboulsi blog for VS 2010 tips.

But it’s almost impossible to use all of them on daily basis. And further most of them are really not that useful. Here are 10 of my favorite Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts, ones I use most..

1) Double TAB

If you know snippet key name, write and click double Tab.

For example: Write


and then click tab key twice to get

if (true)

Similarly write try then click tab key twice to get


catch (Exception)

2) CTRL + TAB to switch open windows in visual studio

3) CTRL+K and CTRL+D to format code

4) CTRL+SHIFT+V to cycle through clipboard

5) SHIFT+ALT+ENTER for full screen mode

6) F7 to switch between code behind and .aspx files

7) CTRL+H or CTRL+SHIFT+H for find and replace

8) Ctrl+F5 to run without debugging. F5 only will run in debugging mode

    F11 to step into a method. SHIFT+F11 to step out of a method. F10 to step over a method.

9) F9 toggle and un-toggle breakpoints

10)F12 to go to definition


What’s your favorite Visual Studio keyboard shortcut/hidden feature/trick..?

Posted by vijay on Thursday, March 4, 2010 9:42 PM
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